March 5th

 3:30-7:30 PM

Digital/Hybrid Printing Technologies

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November, 5th

2:00-4:15 PM


Zoom Meeting

                Have you ever noticed that across many of our industry's award competitions, some companies just keep...on...winning? How do they do that? What do they look for in an award-worthy print job? What extra steps do they take to assure the job is worth an award entry? Join us for this virtual meeting to learn what you can do in your print operation to "up your game," and print like the winners do!


We'll hear speakers from 3 award-winning companies, representing 3 different segments of the flexo market - direct print corrugated, envelope, and wide web flexible packaging - share their knowledge & experience, and show us a few past winning jobs and what made them special. The virtual meeting will be held using Zoom, and it's wide open to attendees from around the globe!